An introduction to and why I started this blog?

Who am I behind this blog?

First, I Heartily welcome you to to know about me through this blog post. It is my first blog post on this blog.

So let me introduce myself briefly. I’m Aravindraj, and I’m working as a digital marketing executive in a digital marketing agency.

I have been working in this field for the last four years since I started my career as an SEO Analyst.

I have learned many things in the last four years about SEO, Facebook and Google Ads, Lead Generation, and Affiliate Marketing. I thought it would be beneficial for me to launch this blog and hope you get satisfied with this.

Why did I Choose SEO as my career, and I started this blog?

When I completed my Diploma, I was working in a different position in a different field. I didn’t get any career advice, and I was not aware of SEO.

At that time, I was working for 4000 INR monthly salary in the manufacturing industry(as a kind of labor). After quitting that job, I was working as a computer service technician for the same pay.

In both of these jobs, I was not satisfied with what I did, and I was very concerned about my career. Therefore, I decided to continue to do higher studies to get a better job.

Then I joined engineering after three years of my diploma. During this time, I was looking for some passive income sources online.

I happened to get a chance from my friend, who was already earning money online. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

Then I tried many other ways to earn money online, but nothing worked for me. I never lost my hope. Eventually, I found that blogging is a way to make money online, and I never thought that I would do this in my career.

I love challenges at work, so I decided to learn SEO that gives me a problem in my work. I read many blogs from the industry’s top bloggers and SEO experts, Digital marketers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Harsh Agarwal, Deepak kanagaraju, Kulwant Nagi.

They are my inspiration, and I saw them as my mentors. I want to thank them all through this blog post for blogging, it became my passion, and then I think this passion has become my job.

This experience gave me the courage to choose SEO as my career, and now I started this blog for my passion.

What I am going to blog about

As a profession, I know and understand the problems for generating leads and Sales by SEO. We SEO Analysts, and Digital Marketers know how hard it is to rank a website in Google SERP and generate new leads and sales.

In this blog, I am going to share with you what I learned about SEO strategies and tools that I have used and other suggestions from experts. And, I will write about lead generation through SEO, Backlink strategies, Landing page optimization, Funnel building.

How will this blog be useful to you? will help you to rank your website or blog in google and generate new leads and sales of it. Whether if you are a beginner or intermediate working professional and who is looking to create new leads and sales through SEO for your company or clients, it will help you a lot.

I’m not saying I know everything; the purpose of starting this blog is to enhance my skills and share my knowledge with you.

In this way, I would like to help you to generate more leads and sales, Finding new prospects, and how to contact them and convert them as your client.

And finally, I will guide you to become a blogger and make you earn money online by doing things in a step by step process and, of course, if you are interested in it.

I hope you read this entire post, and if you enjoy this blog post, then support me by giving your valuable comments in the comment section, and I would be glad to know if you have suggestions on this blog.

If you are not happy with what I mentioned above, you could even say in the comment section that you don’t agree with it. So it will help me to run this blog in a better way.

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